Friday, February 3, 2012

My Eyes...

I love Fridays, maybe it is because I do not have to be at work tomorrow, or just because they are Fridays... but, I am so happy today, it is a good day... no stress or fuss and my eyes are basically even... they both are where the belong!!!!

It bugs me when they are uneven, my right eye tends to sag.  My kids poke fun at me (out of love, of course) and call me Sloth from the Goonies movie.

I love when my eyes are where they belong... I don't ask too much!

Now, don't look at my eye brows, I they need a major mowing, but I can't "tweeze" them like I used to... I have let my brows go, but I am healthy with bushy brows!


  1. A stroke taught me to appreciate the small things.

  2. The Goonies is a classic. I need to start appreciating the smaller things in life.