Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Just a little FYI...

So, I have discussed that I am gaining weight, while eating better... my medications are causing me to pack on the pounds, bummer!

Gaining weight while eating healthier is tough on the ego, but... I do not keep as active as I need to, still wanting to go to the local YMCA, but it is pretty pricey and I need to kick this fatigue's ass!

Back to my main point... I am been loving radishes and eating them like mad! They are cheap and fill me up. They have a low glycemic index, lots of fiber and low calories. 

I also love that they are spicy, I can feel my numb mouth when I eat spicy foods and this is why I also love the radishes as a healthy snack option.  Never thought I would have "blogged" about radishes!

You already know I am nuts, but I am glad I found spicy and crunchy healthy snack to munch on at work!

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