Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kindergarten Dilemma... Over Thinking Again!

OK moms and teachers out there... I have an issue that is just not me. I have always been the over the top teacher gift giver, mainly for TK's teachers, Eloise is just starting out and she has the brain damaged mom, but I do not want to give her teacher a gift, I can not name anything over the top she has done as a kindergarten teacher... I give her a C- as a teacher, she is my age, so not too young or too old... she is in her sweet spot as a teacher, as an Avon Lake teacher to boot... she is not dealing with inner city students or parents or a nonexistence budget.

I love teachers, I love teaching and I love supporting all teachers, but no special projects, does not return emails, loses field trip permission slips, no grandparents can come to kindergarten graduation (which I believe Peg is crashing!) and she always looks overwhelmed... I brought my own muffins to "Muffins for Moms", I used to have the children make the muffins. Eloise has loved her experience and does not know how I feel, but I just don't feel the love to get her an appreciation gift. I made her green jade heart earrings for Valentine's day... I hade crafted them because Jade can help you realize your full potential and attain purposeful goals. Jade also helps lift stuffed-down emotional issues and bring them to light for resolution... which I thought she needed ... no thank you card and Eloise said she has never worn them! I wore all the lovely gifts the children made me... whether it was a paper fan taped to my shirt for the day or a gold plated necklace from a gumball machine. I still hang ornaments made from past students on my Christmas tree every year!

OK, I have already made he a pretty beaded garden pretty ( I don't know what to call it)... but I think she may just get a card.

Eloise LOVES her sub teacher Mrs. Petkash, she was her preschool teacher and now gets super excited to tell me that her teacher was sick and she had Mrs. Petkash! She loves her librarians, art teacher, music teacher, Mr. Dick her gym teacher, the school secretary and the principal... but her teacher is just bblllaaahhhhhhhhhhh... which kindergarten is a foundation and a foundation should not be blah!

I may be being selfish, but she teaches 1/2 day kindergarten and Eloise loves school, but I just wish she was getting what I know most children get out of kindergarten... she did not even take them to the zoo... every kindergarten class goes on the dreaded zoo trip... TK still has photos taken with his friends at the zoo in kindergarten and loves these photos.

I may be being bitchy, but I just feel like Eloise was jipped out of her kindergarten experience. Can she read, count, do easy math and have social awareness, YES... but where was the fun!!!!? She is my kid and I want my kid to have the best... I am over doing this and I will let this go once I have written this post.

OK, I am now stepping off my soap box... I posted this on FaceBook... so I really got my venting out there!

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