Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Live this Minute!

This minute is the most important one, because this minute is the one you can use. There is so much you can do in this minute if you’ll simply allow the best possibilities to unfold.  I am writing about my minute, I am using my minute wisely?  I could be exercising with this minute, playing with Eloise, baking a cake, talking to a friend... I am using this minute to share my thoughts with the world wide web!

Let go of the regrets and guilt and resentment you’ve carried with you from other times. See how foolish it is to be held back by fears about days that have not yet even arrived. There are many people I just do not care for, but I let go of the friction between us... it was hard, but worth the positive vibe!

Think of all the good things that truly mean so much to you. Give your focus to those things, and make use of this minute, right now and right here, to expand on that goodness in your world. My family, my positive relationships, romance, animals, laughing, reading again, being alive!

Don’t be concerned about what might or might not be, or what others might or might not think of you. Live instead from your authentic center, and make this minute one that adds value to your experience.
Though you may have good excuses for holding back, use this minute to move forward. Though the effort will not be easy, your life is worth the trouble.

 This minute is filled with promise and possibility. Right now is when you can transform it into real and lasting value, so do.

Love this minute... it is a gift!!

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